Massage Therapist Program


Sage School of Esthetics Application-Contact Director for starting dates of this new program.

Please fill out this on-line application. You will then be able to pay the registration fee of $140 via the "Payal" button.

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General Information

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Previous Education


To complete your application for enrollment the following attachments must be received.

  1. Submit an application with a registration fee of $140.  There are no waivers of the registration fee. 
  2. Provide the following REQUIRED DOCUMENTATION with your application:
    • Proof of having received a professional esthetic treatment.
    • A high school diploma/GED or transcript from the college/university that you graduated from.
    • Documentation of any felony or misdemeanor (see application).
    • Documentation of disabilities (if applicable).
    • Proof of being 18 years of age or older.
    • Submit an essay stating why a career in esthetics will meet your personal/professional goals; how you will pay for your tuition; and your plans for adequate study time (with your present family obligations, work schedule,
      childcare, etc.) Please type and double space your essay.
  1. Complete an interview with the director or a qualified staff member.
  2. Read and sign an Enrollment Agreement.
  3. Agree to the standards of professionalism, our mission, and the high standards required to attend Sage School of Massage & Esthetics, as stated in the catalog.
  4. Sage School of Massage & Esthetics has an open enrollment policy allowing students that may benefit from the education offered to enroll.  Once the application, required documents, and the registration fee are received, the student is enrolled in the program.  Student will not start classes without having all required documentation in their student files.
  5. Students may choose to purchase personal liability insurance before attending courses. If interested see the director for a current application and contact information.
  6. Acceptance into the program will not be denied based on age, disability, gender, marital status, national origin, color, race, religion, sexual orientation or veteran status.

Fax, mail or call for an appointment to bring the above attachments to Sage School of Massage at:

Address: 369 NE Revere Ave. Suite 101, Bend, OR 97701
Fax: 541-383-3244
Call: 541-383-2122
All major credit cards are accepted.