Massage Therapist Program

Gainful Employment

In compliance with Federal Financial Aid Regulations – Gainful Employment Disclosures: 

750 Hour Esthetics Program
740 Hour Massage Therapy Day Program
900 Hour Advanced Masters Massage Therapy Program

Please note that the Placement Rate Methodology on the COMTA website is under Student Outcomes Tracking Policy. 

Gainful Employment Disclosures: 34 CFR 668.6(b) (July 1, 2011)

Consumer Information:  Prospective students may request all "consumer right to know" information upon request and all students who enroll are given all of the following documents: Campus Safety & Crime Statistics (Sage has had 0 murders, rapes, burglaries, aggravated assaults, aggravated sexual assaults, motor vehicle thefts, domestic violence, dating violence or stalking incidents in 2015 on campus), Calendar for the Academic Year, Completion, Licensure & Placement Information (as stated above), Copyright Infringement Policy, Sexual Harassment and Non-Discrimination Policies & Procedures, Drug & Alcohol Free School/Workplace Policy, and Emergency & Evacuation Policy & Procedures.