Career Information

Career Information

Consumer Information:  Prospective students may request all “consumer right to know” information upon request and all students who enroll are given all of the following documents: Campus Safety & Crime Statistics (Sage has had 0 murders, rapes, burglaries, aggravated assaults, aggravated sexual assaults, motor vehicle thefts, domestic violence, dating violence or stalking incidents in 2018 on campus), Calendar for the Academic Year, Completion, Licensure & Placement Information (as stated above), Copyright Infringement Policy, Sexual Harassment and Non-Discrimination Policies & Procedures, Drug & Alcohol Free School/Workplace Policy, and Emergency & Evacuation Policy & Procedures.

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Tamas Bessenyei

“Sage’s unique educational program with a focused curriculum and attention to detail enabled me to learn in a comfortable setting and gain the knowledge I needed to be ready for a successful career as a massage therapist.  Upon graduation, I was equipped to pass the Oregon Boards and launch my own practice.”

Kristy Hammett (Werchek)

“I continue to love massage as a career and am so grateful to have had an education from Sage.  Especially now as a Mom, making my own schedule and getting paid well per hour are extra bonuses to doing work I enjoy and love.”

Destinee Clough

“I absolutely love being an esthetician!  Helping people every day is an amazing feeling!  Whether that’s helping someone with their skin condition or providing a great hair removal service.  I’m so thankful for the amazing education I received from Sage!”

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