Massage Therapist Program

Massage Program

740 Hour Massage Therapy Program - Day 

Massage Therapists are experts in the palpation of muscles and tissues of the human body.  Practitioners are passionate about touch and facilitating healing in their clients.  In this program students learn Swedish massage, deep tissue, trigger point therapy, myofascia techniques, assessment and treatment and various other clinical massage techniques to treat chronic pain, injuries, and sports conditions.  Graduates are job ready for a variety of career opportunities through the business development courses and personal growth experiences that prepares them to be a successful professional in the industry.

Schedule - Day Program Starts on May 6th!

740 Hour Day Program: 9:00AM - 5:00PM: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday plus clinical practicums - Course work completes in 7 Months.  Clinicals must be completed prior to graduation.

Program Courses:

Science- 230 Hours:  Anatomy & Physiology Overview; Anatomy & Physiology Specific to Massage Therapy; Applied Pathology; Kinesiology & Palpation. 

Professional Development - Health & Wellness - 104 Hours:  Communication & Ethics; Career Success; Nutrition for Health; and Self-Care.

Massage & Related Subjects - 406 Hours:  Swedish Foundations; Soft Tissue Techniques; Intro to Assessment & Treatment; Intro to Myofascia; Introduction to Interactive Body Balancing; Integrating Techniques; Hydrotherapy & Spa Techniques; Clinical Practicum, Exploring the Healing Arts and Community Service.