Massage Therapist Program

900 Hour Massage Program

Advanced Assessment & Treatment:  900 Hour Massage Program

Students who desire a more in depth clinical approach to massage therapy will choose to take the 900 Hour Advanced Assessment & Treatment Program. Students complete the 740 hours entry level massage program courses and then continue their course work to complete the Interactive Body Balancing class of 160 hours.

Students will learn Interactive Body Balancing (IBB) where a system of precise muscle tests can neurologically restore balance to the body. Advanced assessment and treatment, as well as corrective exercises and stretches will be taught that meet the needs of massage clients.


To be Arranged – Contact Director for more details

Course Descriptions

Interactive Body Balancing  – 160 Hours
Students will practice a system of precise muscle tests and treatment protocols designed to re-program the motor control center of the brain where all movement patterns are coordinated. Chronic pain, repetitive strain patterns, postural compensations and injuries can be re-patterned neurologically to restore balance to the body. Advanced assessment skills and corrective movement protocols to enhance client success will also be learned and demonstrated. Interactive Body Balancing Therapy complements all other treatment modalities previously learned. 

Prerequisite: Completion of 740 Hour Massage Program or Licensed Massage Therapist.